Advantages of the Classic Realtree Edge Crocs

classic realtree edge clog

If you are looking for a functional, rugged, and dependable mud bogger that will stand up to whatever terrain you throw at it, look no further than the Classic Realtree Edge clog. The printed camo clog designe with the same rugged durability as the originals but also features a new innovative design that will increase its life span while keeping it true to the original characteristics of the clog. With a rugged design that includes an adjustable, self-cleaning tread pattern on the bottom of the foot pad and a large, textured pattern on the face of the foot bed, the printed camo clog is a great addition to any collection of realtors or land surveyors who need a heavy duty clog for work. If you are in the market for a heavy duty clog, the Pro Runner clog is one of the best options available.

Most Real Trees have realistic camo graphic directly onto the exterior and interior of the clog. The most common colors chosen by real tree manufacturers are Walnut, Maple, and Natural. Real tree owners expresse many frustrations with the quality of vinyl to print on their trees. Vinyl does not peel, crack, fade, or catch on fire like it is supposed to. Some realtors have even had trouble convincing their customers that the tree they have not real wood.

Classic printed camo Crocs

For most consumers, quality products come with a hefty price tag. That is why many consumers have decided to invest in a classic printed camo clog. Since the Real Tree brand originated in the 1930s, they have prided realistic camo graphic on using only the highest quality raw materials. This commitment to providing customers with high quality products has earned them the reputation as one of the best brands in the world.

Classic realtree edge clog is no exception. The material used to create this product is polyethylene, which is resistant to water, dirt, and chemicals. When choosing a design pattern, the customer has numerous design options. From traditional Christmas tree shapes to realistic camo graphic, the clog has many home decor style. Since the vinyl is resistant to water, the edges will not fade.

Slip-on Crocs

The use of polyethylene means that the product is slip-on. The slip on is not an intended purpose of the product, however. This is a positive feature when purchasing a product with limited storage room. Items such as purses, backpacks, and small children’s toys often fit inside. If the item becomes wet, it can be removed without any damage to the vinyl. The durability of the product is guaranteed, however.

While polyethylene is a durable plastic, it is still subject to breakage. Any type of heavy object may cause the plastic to snap. Fortunately, this product can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The weight limit is one pound, which is standard for most products.

Walnut Color Crocs

The color and style choices are varied. Some designs feature plain white colored bottoms, while others are available in vibrant hues. Most commonly, the brightly colored bottoms use high quality vinyl. They are available in black, red, blue, purple, green, and yellow. The Walnut color make the realtree classic clog even more festive.

The use of plastic is very environmentally friendly. Since the plastic does not contain any petroleum by-products, there is little to no waste. Also, the product does not add to the landfill issue. These features make the classic realtree a greener alternative to other personal care items.